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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 5, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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63% and rebecca kaplan comes in at 2 with 37%. >> kpix 5's anne makovec is in oakland. libby schaaf has declared victory in the mayoral election there just about an hour or two ago, right? >> reporter: yes. and there are still several thousand and have vote by pail ballots yet to be county here at the registrar of voters office of alameda county. but by all accounts, it looks likely has come to the top. after 15 rounds of counting these ranked choice voting ballots with voter second and third choices, she got almost 63% of the vote. >> this is fueled by love for oakland. these passionate people covered every square inch of oakland. >> reporter: current mayor and
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candidate jean quan came in third according to the latest numbers after one tough term as oakland's mayor since 2011 and a hard-fought campaign to keep her job. i have been saying if you are going to blame me for everything that went wrong in the city for the last 10 years then you better give me credit for the things that have been going right in the last few years. >> reporter: this election is based on the ranked choice voting system. one by one the candidates who received the fewest first choice votes are eliminated and each vote cast for that candidates is transferred to the voter's next choice. schaaf says her first priority as mayor of oakland would be to improve public safety. back to you. >> a lot of work to do there, anne. tell us, 15 candidates in this race, how did schaaf set herself apart from from all the
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people running? >> one from governor brown and another senator boxer. live in oakland, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> jerry brown will go down as the only person to serve four terms as california's governor. he easily won his second re- election bid yesterday. he also served two terms back in the 1970s. brown won 59% of the new vote to republican neel kashkari's 41%. brown is 76. the oldest sitting governor the united states. brown is calling for bipartisan action at the state capital during his coming term. >> even though i think we are going to have a good solid majority in my party, i'm going to reach across the aisle because to build for the long term you have to include more than just the people who make you comfortable. >> it took brown's challenger only 26 minutes to concede after polls closed. neel kashkari also talked about helping other republicans win their races. >> i'm proud of the small part
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we played to help them achieve those goals and will continue to help them. this was always about place every blazing a trail for the future of california and for the future of the republican party and more than anything i am proud of all of you and how we worked together to bring these issues forward. in san jose, it's still not clear who will lead northern california's largest city over the next four years. city council member sam liccardo has a lead of about 2% at this hour over santa clara county supervisor dave cortese. that's steady since the returns started coming in. with provisional ballots to be counted, the vote is too close to call. kiet do has the latest live from city hall. >> reporter: good morning. even though all the precincts have been reporting and accounted for, there are still too many provisional mail-in and absentee ballots out there making this race too close to call. san jose city council member
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sam liccardo held a steady 2% lead all day. more than half of the voters were undecided. it looks like supporters of the other candidates from the june primary who were aligned with liccardo came over to his side. right now santa clara county supervisor dave cortese trails by 2200 votes. no one is making any victory or concession speeches yet. >> we have a lot of confidence that we were winning the grassroots war in the precincts. that's going to show up before the end of the day. so -- >> we knew we were going to be up against a machine and we saw hundreds of thousands of dollars coming in from unions in new york and sacramento all over trying to tell our voters how our city should be run. i'm just thrilled that our residents are standing up for san jose. >> reporter: rebuilding the police department has been the number one issue. dave cortese believes ongoing fighting with the police union and the court battle over pension reforms is driving cops away. sam liccardo wants to fight for pension reforms in court saying without them, there would be no money to fund the police department or the rest of the
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city for that matter. both candidates kept it upbeat last night. we are hearing that an unknown number of absentee ballots were dropped off at the registrar of voters last night. they were locked up and not counted overnight. so again, the race is still too close to call. >> there were a number of hard fought races for city council seats yesterday. how will the outcomes of those contests affect the battle over pension reform? >> reporter: yes. there were three open council seats last night all three of them held previously by reform -- police reform supporters. one of those seats went to a labor backed candidate, the other to an independent. so it looks like pension reform does not have as much support as it used to here in the city council of san jose. live, kiet do, kpix 5. city councilman tom butt appears to have won the richmond's mayor's race. he earned 51% of the vote and fellow city councilman nat
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bates came in second with 36%. all right. 6:05 right now. let's check in with elizabeth for our morning commute. >> okay. it is slammed right now, guys, trying to get out of gilroy into morgan hill. this roadwork that was scheduled to be picked up by 6:00 hopefully that's the case. we are trying to tactical transnow to confirm it. but unfortunately, we have a big backup because this roadwork has been ongoing since last night. northbound 101 approaching tenant they had several lanes blocked it's stacked up to 152 pacheco pass. you can see all the delays in the northbound direction. and like i said traffic is barely budging. 13 miles per hour nine miles per hour a very slow crawl trying to get out of the gilroy area this morning. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights were switched on at 5:50. but i think they were switched on earlier than that. we started noticing delays right around 5:45. it's stacked up across the macarthur maze. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. it's chilly in here today so i
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guess it's cold outside. >> it feels warm to me in here. >> let's talk to frank about the air-conditioning unit. >> we may need ac today. it's going to be the warmest day of the week as high pressure overhead we are seeing a little weak offshore wind too, that's just enough to crank these temperatures up well above the average toward the afternoon. soaring into the mid-70s inside the bay. we'll find mid- to upper 70s in the valleys and 60s and low 70s and sunny skies out at the coastline. looking out over the bay right now, what a beautiful shot this morning. it's calm and chilly outside some 40s and 50s right now. but by the afternoon, what a day it's going to be. about 76 in san jose. 76 also in oakland. about 73 in san francisco. and 78 degrees in livermore one of the warmer spots around. that's the latest weather, guys. back to you. >> lawrence, thank you. both of the statewide ballot propositions pro mode by governor brown coasted to victory. prop one was supported by about two-thirds the state's voters. it will fund water quality and
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storage programs. some of that money could potentially go toward an earthquake early warning system. supporters of that idea say the system would give state agencies time to protect water sources before a major earthquake hit. voters also approved proposition 2. that's governor brown's rainy day account plan to limit spending of state surplus money. the most expensive statewide race was for superintendent of public instruction believe it or not. both candidates democrats spent $30 million. the incumbent tom torlakson maintains a 52-48% lead over the challenger marshall tuck. torlakson had the support of teachers unions. tuck is a former charter school executive who was backed by education reformers. a couple of california counties voted on whether to ban fracking in their counties. fracking or hydraulic fracturing injects water and chemicals underground at high pressure to extract oil.
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santa barbara voted against the ban. fracking allegedly contaminates ground water and could cause an earthquake. republicans have taken control of the u.s. senate. they picked up more than 6 seats they needed to win a majority. senator mitch mcconnell easily defeated a democratic challenger. so he will now become the majority leader. the gop picked up seats in battleground states including north carolina, colorado, and iowa. republicans also expanded their majority in the house. backers of legalization of marijuana won two victories. voters in oregon and the district of columbia abeloved ballot measures allowing recreational use by adults. this followed similar results two years ago in colorado and washington state. vote tallies are still pending from alaska. and advocacy group called the drug policy alliance says it hopes to push through a ballot measure here in california in 2016. and remember to stay with kpix 5 on the air and also on the web at for the
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latest election results. time now 6:09. thousands of west africans breaking ebola quarantines to look for food. we'll hear from a marin county medic going to the hot zone. >> voters in one bay area city made history. details on the local race getting national attention. ,, ,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,
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on via monte drive and alman one person in san jose was shot to death last night. it happened on via monte drive and almaden expressway around 5:15. witnesses telling police they saw a dark sedan leaving around the time of the shooting. investigators say there are no suspects at this time. marin county man traveling to one of the most dangerous destinations in the world right now. he is traveling to liberia to help fight ebola there. 64-year-old davis perkins has been a medic in disaster hot zones like haiti and cambodia and now adding liberia to the list here shortly. he left last night to go to villages to help treat the disease. ebola kills 70% of the people who get it. why take the risk? >> you are going to the most dangerous deadly spot on earth. why are you doing that? >> um, i think i'm the best man for it. you know, i have a lot of gratitude, um, in my life, uhm and it, um, i think it's, um, a nice thing to be able to, yeah,
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to give back. >> perkins is going as one of 20 volunteers for the group called heart to heart international. berkeley voters have decided to put a special tax on sugary drinks. they voted by 75% to 25% margin for measure d. kpix 5's cate caugiran reports it's the first time such a proposal has passed. >> reporter: berkeley known for its liberalism has proven to be one of the soda industry's biggest challenges. in the past the beverage industry has successfully defeated every similar tax to measure d and spent money to do it. it the no on measure d campaign raised $2.2 million in berkeley. its ad campaign attacking the measure calling it confusing saying it will raise the cost of groceries and prices at restaurants. the yes on d campaign raised half a million dollars. the majority coming from former new york city mayor michael bloomberg.
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supporters say the penny per ounce tax would lead to fewer cases of obesity and diabetes. >> it shows that communities can come together for their children's health in spite of the outrageous amount of money being spent against our interests. >> reporter: soda by the way is a $76 billion industry. in berkeley, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> another proposed soda tax failed. that was proposition e on the san francisco ballot. 54% of voters approved the measure to tax sugary drinks at 2 cents per ounce. it needed a two-thirds majority to pass. statewide measure touted as a way to protect patients soundly defeated yesterday. prop 46 would have required drug testing for doctors and increased maximum awards in medical malpractice suits. well, rapper littlejohn flew $2,000 miles to vote yesterday. >> he said his absentee ballot never academy so he flew from l.a.x.
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to atlanta at 6 a.m. he voted lil john is a spokesman for rock the vote. that's dedication. >> i like that. >> yeah. >> get the vote out. >> how long was your commute? half mile? >> my commute? took about 30 seconds. [ laughter ] >> mine, too. i know. >> got to do it, though. >> speaking of commutes, i guess it's my turn. out the door we have had a few issues so far this morning but this is one of our slowest drive times 31 minutes between the altamont pass and 680. there was a smaller fender- bender approaching hacienda. it's already out of here. so obviously, the biggest delays from 205 to vasco but sluggish about 45 miles per hour to 680 and the dublin interchange. 4 picking up speed now or i should say actually slowing down. i take that back. wrong phrase. obviously it is bottlenecking right now on highway 4 in antioch approaching 4 and "a" street and continues even past lone tree in pittsburg-bay point. we are starting to see red sensors pop up. hey, better news. 6:06, that's when they finally picked up the roadwork in
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morgan hill. it was causing some major delays coming out of gilroy. it's still slow but at least the roadwork is now cleared and all the lanes are back open. it was all approaching tenet but again we are seeing the jam pickups right around 152. so if you are wondering what's going on, that's it. hopefully things will dissipate shortly. a few brake lights out of milpitas on westbound 237. drive time picked up by a couple of minutes. looks sluggish to zanker road and then clear into sunnyvale. and mass transit is all on time. bart had some earlier issues. they were doing some track inspections around the west oakland bart station. that is gone now. so systemwide, no delays and ace train number 3 is also on time. that's your latest drive to work. lawrence is standing by with your forecast. >> yes, we have a great day to talk about. lots of sunshine coming our way. this high pressure is building overhead. you can see it right now all that air, those clouds buckling over the top of the ridge.
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we have a beautiful day ahead. these temperatures way above the average. usually in the 60s and the 70s today as much as 5 to 10 degrees above the average. so going to be a gorgeous day. no rain in sight. not just yet. that may change as we head into the middle of the week next week but for today, these temperatures well above the average. warmest day of the week sunny nice conditions just a little cooler into the weekend. here's that ridge of high pressure. you have a couple of storms off the coastline but this is just too strong so sending the jet stream well to the north. and same with all the raindrops. plenty of sunshine today all the way to the coastline in fact monterey looking about 75 degrees there. 76 in sacramento. about 80 degrees in redding. computer models showing you we have high pressure overhead and a weak offshore wind. things begin to change though as we head in toward tomorrow and you will see the low clouds and fog creeping back in along the coastline. and temperatures beginning to cool off along the coast and into the bay. today its going to be a spectacular day, though. we are going to see 75 in santa clara, 77 in morgan hill. about 72 in half moon bay.
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well into the site of inland. inside the -- well into the 70s inland. inside the bay sunshine, 75 richmond, 77 sonoma. sunrise 6:39. sunset 5:07. over the next few days we have plenty of sunshine coming our way. maybe a little cooler on thursday and friday with some patchy fog along the coastline. staying nice and dry right through the weekend. good morning, i'm roberta gonzales here at oracle arena. i'm not thinking about breakfast. i'm thinking about tonight's game and the new menu that will be served up to all of us fans. i have the yummy details as the news continues right here on kpix 5. ,,,,
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roberta gonzales is at cent court. roberta golden state warriors fans
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have another thing to be excited about this season they are 3-0 but they have some really good food at oracle arena, as well. >> roberta gonzales is at center court this morning. she already tried some out. >> reporter: how exciting is this to be actually standing on center court on game day? yes! we are here at oracle otherwise known as "roar-acle" arena. our warriors are off to a 3-0 start for the first time in 20 years. yes! game time tonight 7:35 against the clippers. it's going to be a rematch from the play-offs. we don't have a rematch in food. we have a brand-new menu here. tim, tell me about it. you need to cook and create a menu for nearly 20,000 people. how do you do that? >> one person at a time. we treat every guest as family member as they come into the arena. we want to bring up fresh food, cooked to order specially for them. we wanted to make them feel special. >> reporter: you have a special menu that you're introducing this season.
6:24 am
tell me what it. >> absolutely. we try to spread our healthy food with salads and vegetarian food. for some arena food, sausages, sandwiches, our own biscuits and fried chicken. >> reporter: now you're talking because i have to admit i go to an arena and stadium and i can eat but i don't eat red meat. show me my options. >> one of the fan favorites is fresh crab. one of the sandwiches that we're doing that you can find at our landing court on the main concourse is our fresh crab sandwich so what we have is an old bay aioli. >> reporter: everything is local? >> everything as local as possible. dungeness crab comes in fresh that day. we'll squeeze fresh lemon over it. >> ooo. >> we'll put in fresh parsley. we want to have texture. >> from local farmer's markets. >> absolutely. so we have dungeness crab, fresh. we are just going to take that
6:25 am
dungeness crab. we're going to take some fresh tomato and it looks like you're getting hungry already. [ laughter ] >> no, frank mallicoat already texted me. he wants this sandwich. >> absolutely. so we have fresh sliced tomato and load the sandwich up. we want it to be hearty for all the guests. it looks like a good sandwich to me. >> that's a great sandwich. i can eat that tonight at the warriors game. i have to tell you, this is also wonderful a little bit for everybody and if you want more information about this brand- new healthy menu right here at oracle arena or about our warriors and their schedule, visit us online at and click on "links and numbers." >> go warriors! >> right. frank and michelle, what do you think? >> go, crab sandwich. bring that baby back! [ laughter ] >> it looks delicious. play of the day international soccer. free kick from alexis sanche. it deflects off the wall but he gets the volley and kicks it
6:26 am
in. one two three boom comes back the valley bang! got it. the match ended in a draw 3-3. thanks to that goal they got a tie. play of the day right there. 6:26 right now. tens of thousands of bay area workers had a whole lot on the line on election night. we'll have the latest in the battle over the minimum wage. >> reporter: and an early- morning victory declaration in the race for oakland mayor. but not all the ballots have been counted yet in this complicated ranked choice voting election. we'll have the latest numbers next. ,,,,,,,,
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i'm kiet do live in san jose. 2200 votes separate the two mayoral candidates. this race is too close to call. >> and the balance of power in washington has shifted in a very big way. we'll have the fallout from the big shake-up in congress. >> it looks like 580 is pretty slow one of the slowest approaches to the bay bridge toll plaza right now plus unusually backed up in morgan hill. we'll explain why. it's all coming up. >> thank you, liz. good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, it's november 5. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. the race for mayor still hasn't been decided in two of the bay area's biggest cities. we are going to take you live to san jose in just a minute. but first a look at the oakland mayoral race. the alameda county registrar of voters has released unofficial results of all 15 rounds of ranked choice voting. two council women finished
6:31 am
first and second and early this morning, libby schaaf 63%, rebecca kaplan 37%. schaaf declared victory in the race for mayor and kpix 5's anne makovec is in oakland with the results. >> reporter: it looks like current oakland mayor jean quan is out. that's is according to the latest numbers. there are several vote by mail ballots to count but out of the 15 candidates for mayor libby schaaf declared victory at 2:15 a.m. things started looking good for her early on. the current city council member after 15 rounds of counting these ranked choice voting ballots once voters' second and third choices were counted she got almost 63%. vote. she said her first priority is public safety and more cops on the street. >> you will see more cops on the street and you will see better policing. and you will see a lot of attention to addressing the
6:32 am
root causes of crime. >> reporter: third mayoral candidate jean quan campaigned until the end after one tough term as oakland as mayor since 2011. >> city has been down on itself for a long time. i think i have had a lot to do with -- with what's good about the city in the last few years. >> reporter: this range choice system eliminates the need for any sort of runoff election. one by one the candidate who received the fewest first choice votes was eliminated and each vote cast for that candidate was then transferred to the voters next choice. schaaf says she will run the city like she ran her campaign in an ethical positive manner. >> have any of the candidates conceded? >> reporter: yeah. last we heard from both quan and rebecca kaplan, they said they were not planning on officially conceding anytime soon. they said they are going to wait until the votes are all counted. live in oakland, anne makevoc,
6:33 am
kpix 5. in oakland an overwhelming vote to raise minimum wage. 81% approved the measure to raise oakland's minimum wage from $9 an hour to $12.25 an hour. that will start in march. and in san francisco, voters also decided on a pay hike for those making the minimum. prop j passed by a 77-23% margin. it needed a simple majority to pass. and boy, did it ever. and the minimum wage in san francisco will gradually increase to $15 an hour by the year 2018. it's currently $10.74. it will go up to $11.05 on january 1. down in san jose, still not clear who will lead northern california's largest city over the next four years. sam liccardo has a lead of about 2% over santa clara county supervisor dave cortese. that small gap has been pretty steady since the first returns were unveiled last night. but with a lot of provisional ballots to be counted, this runoff is still too close to
6:34 am
call. more now from kpix 5's kiet do who joins us live from city hall this morning. kiet, any word yet from the sam liccardo campaign? >> reporter: yeah. we'll get to that in just a little bit but we're hearing some interesting things from the registrar of voters office. they say that all the provisional ballots absentee and mail-in ballots that were dropped off at the last minute have been working throughout the night did not get to those ballots. they are exhausted right now. they are going home to get rest and come back. we are hearing that the final results may not come until this weekend. san jose city council member sam liccardo head 2% all throughout the day yesterday. more than half of the voters were undecided. it looks like supporters of the other candidates from the june primary who were aligned with liccardo came over to his side. right now santa clara county supervisor dave cortese trails by 2200 votes. no one making any victory or concession speeches last night. >> this campaign would not have ever reached the scale that
6:35 am
it's reached without the help from nurses and teachers and firefighters and police officers and laborers and carpenters and emergency dispatchers. >> what a long journey it's been, huh? >> whoo! it's extraordinary. no journey can all that bad if it ends up in a brewery, right? >> reporter: rebuilding the police department has been the number one issue in the election. dave cortese believes ongoing fighting with the police union and a court battle over pension reforms is driving cops away. sam liccardo wants to continue fighting for pension reforms in court saying without them there would be no money to fund the police department or the rest of the city for that matter. on to the other three open council seats. they were all previously held by pension reform supporters. it looks like one of the seats went to a labor-backed candidate, the other to an independent. so pension reform support on this council not as strong as it used to be. back to you. >> all right, kiet do live in
6:36 am
san jose, thank you. time for weather now. unbelievable weather all week. >> it is unbelievable. today is going to be an amazing day outside. cool this morning but temperatures the warmest of the week this afternoon. out the door we go. high clouds to the north but up above we are looking good as we have a weak offshore wind blowing. so lots of sunshine come our way. temperatures 80 inland, 70s inside the bay and 60s and low 70s near the coastline. a quiet start to the day. and a little cool, too. we are in the 40s and the 50s but not for long. this afternoon 78 in livermore, 76 in napa and 76 in san jose. 74 in fremont. and 73 degrees in san francisco. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. and we'll take you out to oakland. everything looks good now traveling near the oakland coliseum. southbound we are starting to get sluggish between 238 and
6:37 am
whipple where it often tends to bog down a bit at this time. morning. also in the south bay now coming into san jose, northbound 101 approaching julian/mckee we have been watching an accident there. it is in the center divide. it tends to bottleneck in the area. so it's a little unusually slow actually this time of the morning. sluggish from capitol expressway. delays up and down the guadalupe parkway. finally we are seeing a little bit of relief better than it was a half-hour ago coming out of gilroy. there was roadwork shortly after 6:00 northbound 101 at tenant coming morgan hill. we are still seeing unusually slow traffic from 152 coming out of gilroy. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. a quick look at some of the statewide ballot measures. california voters approved proposition 47. it will ease the penalties for drug possession and nonviolent theft crimes. prop 45 didn't fare so well. it would have given the state insurance commissioner more control over healthcare
6:38 am
insurance rates. and supporters spent $3.2 million in the campaign for the measure. mostly from the california nurses association. the health insurance industry fought prop 45. $57million going to the no campaign from groups such as wellpoint kaiser and blue shield. state senator out of l.a. will be the next california secretary of state with all the precincts reporting now. democrat alex padilla has more than 52% of the vote compared to less than 48% for republican peterson who jumped out to an early lead but padilla won by 250,000 votes there. more votes will have been to be counted before winner is declared in the silicon valley 17th congressional district. incumbent mike honda right now with a 52-48% lead over the challenger ro khanna. 85% of the votes are in. both candidates by the way are democrats. district 17 covers much of santa clara county as well as a portion of alameda county. it includes the cities of
6:39 am
fremont, milpitas, santa clara, parts of san jose, cupertino, sunnyvale and newark. republicans have reached their goal of taking the u.s. senate. they picked up more than the 6 seats needed to win a majority. senator mitch mcconnell won re- election and will now become the majority leader. republicans called the overall results a rejection of president obama's policies and of the direction of the democratic party. for their part, democrats now promise cooperation. >> i promise you i will work with anyone in the senate democrat, republican, independent to get things done. >> current majority leader horie reed said in a statement, the message from voters is clear they want us to work together, according to current majority leader harry reid. republicans expanded majority in the house and held important governor seats. remember to stay with kpix 5 on the air and also on the web at for continuing election coverage. it is 6:39 now. voters in berkeley making a
6:40 am
little history bypassing the nation's first sugary drinks tax. but will it have a domino effect around the country? we'll have more on the potential impact of that decision next. >> prosecutors are seeking an arrest for an east bay landlord. the violations that could land him behind bars. ,,
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all right. let's fly you around the bay area. what a day it's going to be. about 70 degrees in daly city today. 71 and sunny in pacifica. you will find warmer temperatures inside the peninsula. 76 in redwood city. 75 in sunnyvale. into san jose, about 76 degrees. and 7 in gilroy. the east bay looking at sunshine all day long. sure, starting out with cool temperatures in the 40s and the 50s now but by the afternoon, mid- to upper 70s as you get over the hill there. in the north bay lots of
6:44 am
sunshine all day long 77 clearlake 77 sonoma. into san francisco these temperatures moving well into the 70s. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." gayle king joins us live in new york. you guys had a late-night. i hope you're okay this morning. >> reporter: listen, i have only been up 26 straight hours but don't worry about me, frank. [ laughter ] >> we're all good here michelle. it was a great night. i always think election night is exciting. you never know how it turns out despite the polls and there's extra energy in the building. it's great. goods to you this morning. will the shift in the control of the senate lead to changes or more gridlock? that's the question people are asking this morning. john dickerson, nancy cortes and bill plante on whether they think the white house can compromise with the republican- controlled congress. plus, new jersey governor chris christie is up early, too. he is in studio 57 today. we'll get his reaction to the
6:45 am
gop's big games last night and what they could mean for 2016. and marijuana was a winner in the election, too. barry peterson on why supporters say california, your state, is the next big battleground. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you guys at 7:00. >> is that a cot i see behind you there in the studio? just checking. >> i know. nope, that's just a regular old "cbs this morning" billboard. >> get some rest. >> thank you. let's turn to business now. american companies keep hiring more workers. >> here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. we continue to see solid hiring in 2014. and the private sector certainly looks like it did that in october. private payroll tracker adb this morning reporting a gain of 30,000 jobs in october reported by adp. that topped and estimate before
6:46 am
of about 213,000. construction did very well adding 28,000 jobs, also manufacturing posted a solid gain around 15,000. the labor department reports its october jobs report in just two days. and most economists are looking for a gain around 230,000 jobs. unemployment rate fell to 5.9% in the month of september a multi-year low. the stock market is moving high they are morning following the election. looking at new record territory for the dow and s&p today. lots of earnings news playing a role including several bay area firms. big winner palo alto's jives software and the losing side of things milpitas-based fire eye network security vendor also jamba based out of emeryville, the juice maker saw its earnings down a bit. let's check the board and see how we are doing so far this morning. dow is up by 43. nasdaq just pulling negative now down a point. s&p up by 5. shares in jive software up 13% while jam what down 6% and fire eye is taking
6:47 am
a dive by more than 15% this morning. >> oh. >> frank and michelle, back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs news. a concord landlord could be in big legal trouble. there are reports of bedbugs, broken washing machines and piles of trash at an apartment complex in california street. the concord city attorney is trying to get an arrest warrant for the landlord. the city says the landlord has ignored all pleas for repairs. perfect segue to traffic, don't you think? >> sure. [ laughter ] >> all right. now, i want to you get to the bay bridge. they are clamping down on the metering lights so slowly. there's been an accident now just past treasure island where there's no shoulder on the bridge. so this may take a while to clear. two lanes are blocked now heading into san francisco. but look, traffic is barely budging heading to the toll plaza. and again they are just trying to limit the amount of cars on the bay bridge because it is beginning to stack up just before the accident. we are not sure about injuries at this point. it was just reported within the last five, 10 minutes so again the bay bridge looks to be a
6:48 am
growing hot spot right now. we'll show you what it looks like through the macarthur maze. westbound 580 very slow right now through 24. but check out the sensors. we are seeing unusual backups now all across the span because of that accident reported just past again the island just past the tunnel. if you want to ride bart so far everything is on time. no delays on bart. ace train on time. ferries, everything else is on time. just a quick note about something happening later on this morning in san francisco. if you can believe it we are already talking about the ice skating rink over at union square. they are breaking the ice on the 2014/2015 season so there may be extra crowds gathered in the area. the opening ceremony again kicks off at 9:30. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. your forecast now, here's lawrence. we're headed right to the holidays can you believe that? >> yes. >> it is crazy. out the door today, we are going to see some very warm temperatures. starting out a little cool this morning if you are stepping outside in the 40s on the 50s. but with high pressure overhead and the offshore winds, that will combine to really warm
6:49 am
things up nicely. in fact, these temperatures are going to be running a good five to 10 degrees above the average. about 78 degrees in livermore. 76 in san jose. and 73 degrees in san francisco. plenty of sunshine all the way to the coast today and after a cool start it will likely be the warmest day of the week and even after some minor changes looks like sunny nice weather all the way into the weekend. high pressure sit overhead sending all the energy from these storms well to the north of us so we are going to keep things dry. plenty of sun to the coastline. in fact, the monterey bay area looking beautiful today heading there. 75 degrees. 76 in sacramento. 63 degrees in lake tahoe. those offshore winds are blowing now just a weak offshore keeping the clouds away but tomorrow more of a sea breeze kicking in. that will bring some clouds back to the coast and cool down your temperatures near the coast and just inside the bay. numbers for today should be something else though. about 75 in milpitas. 74 degrees in fremont. 74 also in san mateo and about 72 in half moon bay. east bay numbers in the mid- to
6:50 am
upper 70s this afternoon. and looks like inside the bay talking 74 in alameda 75 in san leandro and 70 degrees in daly city. slightly cooler tomorrow especially along the coastline and inside the bay. looking sunny and bright for the next five to seven days. that's the latest forecast, guys. back to you. all right, lawrence, thank you. you may recall a story we ran earlier this week about a candidate who sent more than $300,000 of his own money to win a seat on a water district board. looks like the campaign has paid off for millionaire gary kremen. he has a 3-point lead over incumbent brian schmidt in santa clara valley water district 7. tuesday's election results will bring a big shift in the balance of power in our state legislature. and voters in berkeley have made their city the first in the nation to impose a tax on soda and other sugary drinks. political analyst melissa griffin-caen joins us now to talk about the likely impact. good morning. >> good morning, guys. >> this is going to have big implications nationally i think because other cities might pick
6:51 am
it up? >> reporter: that's right true. berkeley was the forefront of the anti-tobacco campaign to sort of make restaurants have no smoking sections and i mean, this is back in 1977. so they can be on the vanguard of things but most important and the most immediate result of this though is that now we have a united states city that actually has a beverage tax. all the studies that pro and con have been relying on so far are international studies because we have never had a u.s. city actually do this. so now they have a laboratory where we'll be collecting data. the data from that is going to be very, very important going forward in determining whether or not other american cities are going to say yes this is going to have a desired impact. so that's a main thing to look for. >> does the fact that the soft drink industry spent heavily against this measure mean they were worried? >> reporter: that they were worried and also not just that they were worried it would have implications nationwide but that they were worried they would have aching in the or mar. something very powerful about being able to say we are
6:52 am
bulletproof. we have 100% success rate at killing these measures. now they cannot say this. this is a bit of aching in the armor so that was one of the -- a chink in the armor and that's one of the reasons they spent so heavily to defeat it. >> the measure in san francisco failed. how come? >> reporter: the reason it didn't pass in san francisco is because it needed a two-thirds majority because if you have a tax that's going into a particular bucket, in this case san francisco our little sort of health and welfare for children bucket, that vote needs two-thirds majority. in berkeley because all of the funds from the beverage tax will go to the general fund, then they only needed a simple majority. so if you look at san francisco, 55% of voters so far are endorsing this beverage tax. so we might see in the future while we didn't see a two third majority this time if they restated the ballot measure to make it a general fund measure like berkeley, it would have passed. so that's something we may see in the future here in san francisco. >> all right.
6:53 am
let's talk gop now. making national headlines. >> reporter: they are having a great day. >> mr. president not so much. >> reporter: the president has seen better days. in california, the republicans don't appear to be winning any of the statewide races. controller, secretary of state, treasurer, of course the lieutenant governor and governor. they are not winning. but they blocked a supermajority in the state senate. and otherwise actually again nationally had a really great night. [ pause ] >> it was an exciting day. any surprises that you say the sweeping changes going from blue to red or what? >> reporter: nationally? >> nationally or here locally? >> reporter: well, i have to say propositions 45 and 46 were so interesting because initial polls showed them overwhelmingly favored. and then you saw the sort of onslaught of advertising from doctors and insurance groups and now they lost dramatically. i mean, the shift from where they began to where this ended up on election day is us. >> incrediblably dramatic.
6:54 am
that's one -- that's two of the most interesting races statewide. >> thank you, melissa griffin- caen. >> reporter: an early-morning victory declaration in the race for oakland mayor. we'll have the latest numbers for you coming up next. ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can. get four years interest free financing bulldog: mattress discounters veterans day sale ends tuesday. on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection! and, get a queen size serta mattress and box spring set for just $397.
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fourth term as governor of lifornia. brown wo jerry brown has made political history winning an unprecedent fourth term as governor of the state of california. he won 59% of the vote last night against neel kashkari. brown 76 years old is the oldest sitting governor in the united states. >> reporter: i'm anne makovec live in oakland where city council member libby schaaf is declaring victory notice race for mayor. there was 15 candidates in this race. and the latest unofficial numbers after 15 rounds of ranked choice calculations schaaf has almost 63% of the vote. councilmember rebecca kaplan with 37%. schaaf is a life-long oaklander who says her first priority as mayor will be public safety. >> this is a campaign that was fueled by love for oakland. these passionate people stretched themselves, they talked to strangers, they
6:58 am
covered every square inch of oakland. >> reporter: current mayor jean quan was eliminated after the range choice calculation came into play but has conceded yet. in fact, there are still several thousand vote by mail ballots here at the count voter registrar's office yet to be county. live in oakland, anne makevoc, kpix 5. i'm kiet do live in san jose where all the precincts are reporting but the mayor's race is still too close to call because of all the provisional mail-in and absentee ballots that were dropped off at the last minute. we're hearing from the registrar of voters office that they worked throughout the night counting ballots. they are exhausted went home to rest and will be back to finish up the job. no final results probably until the weekend. sam liccardo held a 2% lead all day yesterday. right now, santa clara county supervisor dave cortese trails by 2200 votes. nobody was making any victory or concession speeches last night. rebuilding the police department has been the number
6:59 am
one issue in the election. dave cortese believes ongoing fighting with the police union is driving the cops away. liccardo wants to continue fighting for pension reforms in court saying that there would be no money to fun the police department or the rest -- to fund the police department or the rest of the city. it's been a long night no official word from the campaigns. we are hearing from liccardo's campaign manager that they are cautiously optimistic of a victory. live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. sky one through over the bay bridge just moments ago and says that accident near treasure island is in the clearing stages. in the meantime the metering lights have been really slowed down. it is stacked up through the bay bridge toll plaza. and if you want to ride bart instead that is on time. lawrence? >> look at that sunshine out there right now. looking good so far. cool 40s and 50s now. by the afternoon some of the numbers pushing 80 inland and 70s along the coast a little cooler thursday and friday but staying dry the next five to seven days. >> no more political ads.
7:00 am
>> what a relief. >> wa ! no more phone calls! enjoy! captions by: caption colorado an . good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, november 5th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." voters send a message to the white house, putting republicans back in charge of congress. governor chris christie joins us. the american prison in iraq now being called the birthplace of isis. plus, how phone companies are using super cookies to track your every move. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> we have swept this nation. >> it is time for a new way forward. it's time to turn this country around. >> a huge night for the gop. >> thank you, georgia. >> republicans take control of


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